Does the jewelry tarnish?

All sterling silver will tarnish if left out on a surface unprotected for a period of time. Some skin types will hasten the tarnishing process as well, and some air may cause tarnish. If you are not wearing your jewelry, we recommend storing it in a sealed plastic bag.
Wearing your piece will generally keep it polished as the rubbing on your skin and clothing can prevent it from tarnishing.
Our personalized items come with a complimentary polishing pad, so you can polish & clean your jewelry if needed. You can also find more information & additional polishing padsĀ here.

If you are ordering gold, tarnish is less of an issue although it can still tarnish if left sitting out in the air for long periods of time.
Copper will tarnish, and some people like to leave it that way as it takes on a rustic look. But if you prefer it polished and bright, the polishing pad will remove the tarnish as needed.
Pewter shouldn't tarnish but if it ever gets looking dull, the polishing pad will brighten it up.

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