Handwriting, Hand Stamped, Fingerprint Jewelry

  • All the handwriting I want on my piece is in one image. Do I need to upload it twice — once for the front, and once for the back?

    No, we’ll look at the image you uploaded and find the handwriting on it. An example: You have a note that says, "Dear Cheryl, I Love You, Mom", and you want "Cheryl" on the front, and "I Love You" on the back. Just give us that one image. Let us know in the instructions what words you want on th...
  • Can you create a word or phrase from a handwriting sample I give you?

    We can combine handwritten words from different notes or letters to create sentences and we do this a lot. If you’d like us to create words from letters, we can do this, too. If it is over eight letters, there is an extra charge, as it is very time-consuming to extract each letter and then enhan...
  • Can you fix a spelling error or a word in my original handwritten note?

    Sure! Just let us know what you want in the notes when entering your order.
  • Can you include drawings on the jewelry?

    Of course! We can include drawings, artwork, smiley faces, hearts, squiggly lines, or anything else you’d like us to include. Please let us know in the personalization field what parts you want (or don't want.) For example, if there is a name, a squiggly line, and a heart in your image and you w...
  • Can you remove unwanted markings, lines or words from a handwriting, artwork, or fingerprints/footprints image?

    Yes, we can remove anything you don’t want to be included on your jewelry. We usually remove lines, scuffs, tears, or extra marks from the image and extract just the handwriting, artwork, or prints. For example, if your image says, "Happy Birthday, Love you! Mom & Dad", we can just use the "...
  • Can you use any language for the handwriting?

    Yes, we can use ANY language that is included in your image. We've created jewelry with writing in Spanish, Chinese, French, Italian, Arabic, Hebrew, Russian, Portuguese, just to name a few. We've even done some in ASL sign language!
  • Do you have symbols you can add to my jewelry?

    Yes! We have lots of symbols that we can add to any piece, whether it be hand stamped or handwriting. You can have a saying on a charm and we can add a little heart at the bottom, or we can add a little star or crown under any name. There are many possibilities and you can see all our symbols he...
  • Do you use the actual handwriting from the image?

    Yes! All we need is a photo of the handwriting, and we will use the exact handwriting you want us to use from your image. For some pieces, we may need to move words so they fit nicely on the charm you choose. In addition, we'll clean up stray marks, paper rules, etc. We can even restore old, fade...
  • How can I capture a fingerprint for my jewelry?

    We can use a photo of any fingerprint you have, from a hospital, funeral home or home printing project. Please take a clear, close-up photo of your fingerprint and we can use it. Pro tip: Use a water glass to hold your camera steady to get a sharp image of the print: To capture your fingerpr...
  • How can I capture footprints or handprints?

    We can use any hospital prints, or you can take a photo of any prints you have. To take a print of feet, hands or paws, we recommend using a dark ink pad or dark paint. Just take a clear photo of the prints and we can use it.
  • How do I send you my handwriting, fingerprints, footprints, etc?

    You can upload it from your phone or computer when you order via our 'upload' button on the product page. If you want to order but don't have your images ready yet, or if you'd rather not use the upload function, you can email your handwriting images to us separately to customerservice@heartonyo...
  • How should I take the photo of the handwriting?

    Just take an in-focus photo of the handwriting you would like us to use on your handwriting jewelry. Check that you don't cut off any words, letters, or other elements of the handwriting that you would like included (it happens more than you'd think.) If you only want certain words from your ima...
  • I don’t want all the words in the image I’m uploading. Do I need to cross out or cover the words I don’t want?

    No, just tell us the words you want, and we’ll only use those words for your jewelry. For example, if the letter says, “All My Love, Mom”, and you only want “Love, Mom”, no problem! We’ll leave out “All My”.
  • I have more images to use than I can upload on the product page. What do I do?

    No problem. Just email them to CustomerService@HeartOnYourWrist. It’s helpful if you can reference your order number, too.
  • I’m ordering several items, and I want to use the same handwriting on each. Do I need to upload the handwriting image for each product?

    Nope! Just upload it once, and let us know in the order notes that you want us to use that handwriting for the other products, too. For example, say you want a Gold Bar Handwriting Necklace, a Silver Disc Handwriting Necklace, and a Handwriting Cuff Bracelet, all with the same signature on them....
  • I’ve used this handwriting or print in a past order. Do I need to upload it again?

    Nope! We archive past images, so we can use them. Just let us know in the order notes that we’ve used the handwriting in a previous order. If you know your past order number, that’s helpful, but not required.
  • I want 4 discs on the necklace, but I can only add 3 on the product page. How can I order more?

    Check to see if the charm you want added is found in our add-ons section. When you add them to your order, just tell us in the order notes that you want us to add them to your necklace. If you can't find the charm you want to add, just contact us, and we'll either send you the correct link or wil...
  • The words I want aren’t next to each other in the image. Can you move them for me?

    Sure, we do this all the time. We’ll arrange them so that they match and flow nicely together.
  • What fonts do you offer for hand stamped jewelry?

    Our hand-stamped items have the most popular font options listed on the product page, but you can also see all our font options here. When you order, if you'd like a different font than shown and there isn't a clear way to choose that, just let us know in the special instructions that you'd like...
  • What if I forget to upload my image when ordering?

    We’ll contact you if we find that any words, fingerprints, etc., are missing from the order. It’s the first thing we check on new orders! If you realize it before we contact you, please email your image(s) to customerservice@heartonyourwrist.com. We will match your images with your order.
  • What if the handwriting I have is in bad condition or low quality?

    I can guarantee you we've seen worse! We've been creating handwriting jewelry for over ten years, we have seen it all! We've developed LOTS of tricks & techniques for extracting & restoring handwriting. So we can likely use what you have. If we can't, or just need a different photo taken...
  • What is gold-filled jewelry?

    Gold-filled jewelry has a thick, solid layer of 14k gold pressure-bonded to a base of sterling silver. It is different from gold plated jewelry in that the gold will not flake off, wear off or discolor. If you can wear solid gold, you can wear gold-filled jewelry without allergic reactions to th...
  • What is the difference between handwriting jewelry and hand stamped jewelry?

    With handwriting, artwork, fingerprints, footprints and handprints, we deeply etch an image into the jewelry, replicating the image. Hand stamping is more like traditional engraving, where you have a message you want on the jewelry, and we stamp it on the piece using traditional stamps & ham...
  • What is the word limit for the jewelry?

    We try to provide guidelines for each piece on its product page. If you don't see a guideline and are unsure if your message will fit, please contact us and we are happy to help. The examples we show on the product page should also hopefully guide you on how many words will fit on a piece. The mo...
  • Are you able to use pictures of people or pets?

    Yes we can! The pictures will be transformed into line drawings, so they end up black and white. This black and white will then end up as black on silver. If you are ordering anything that allows a custom image (like handwriting or silhouettes) you can upload an actual photo and we will remove th...
  • Can I order just the handwriting or fingerprint charm on its own?

    Yes we do sell just the charms here: https://www.heartonyourwrist.com/handwriting-charm-charm-only-extra-charm/ any of the handwriting charms can have fingerprints on them, and if you don't see the charm you want just let me know as you can still order it on its own.
  • Can I use one of your fonts instead of my handwriting?

    Yes of course, if you don't want to use your handwriting on your jewelry, you can choose from our fonts here: https://www.heartonyourwrist.com/font-options/ And then please just let us know in the special instructions which font you prefer (otherwise we will contact you for your handwriting).
  • How do I get the fingerprint to you from someone who has passed away?

    Usually the funeral home will provide you a copy of the print if you ask for it. If you can ask for a digital high resolution/high quality version of it, they should provide it to you and then you can send it to us. If you need help with this, please contact us.
  • What if I can't upload my handwriting image?

    If you are having trouble uploading your image, or if you don't have your image yet, you can complete your order without the image and then just email it to us at customerservice@heartonyourwrist.com. We will match your image with your order then.
  • What is Fingerprint Jewelry?

    With our fingerprint jewelry, we etch/engrave your loved one’s actual fingerprint into a piece of precious metal jewelry. You can choose from necklaces, bracelets, rings, key chains, and more. Fingerprint jewelry is a popular way to honor someone you’ve lost, as a piece of memorial jewelry. Or w...